Season 1 - Leavetaking

Scenes are as identified by the TV series. The non-story scenes are listed first.

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Scene 2 - Cold Open - The Quest#

Moiraine is in a chamber and speaks about the Breaking and the arrogance of men thinking that they could cage darkness itself. She looks at a map, puts on her blue ring and wraps up a small idol.[1] She talks about man, called the Dragon, who was responsible for the Breaking and the Aes Sedai, who were left to pick up the pieces. She says that the Dragon has been born again, but they don't know where or to whom he was born or the gender. The only thing they know is that this child is "coming of age" now and they must find him/her before the Dark does. She leaves the chamber and Lan, who was waiting outside, joins her and they walk away.

Scene 3 - Cold Open - A Gift#

In a valley, two men are running from five women, dressed in red, on horseback. It looks like the men might get away by going through a pass in the cliff in front of them, when the lead woman[2] points her hand and causes rocks to fall, closing the pass. All come to a stop. One of the men asks that the women not hurt the other man. The lead woman asks who he's talking about. The scene pans out and only one man is visible. She proclaims that the madness already has him. She states that the power he has is meant for women only, because men corrupt the power when they touch it. She calls upon the other women, her "sisters", and then raises her hand. The man starts screaming.[3]

Scene 4 - Cold Open - It's Not Him#

Moiraine and Lan are watching from above, and Moiraine states that "it's not him." Lan objects, saying that the man was born twenty years ago, close to what the prophesies predicted. They head towards the Two Rivers where there are rumors of four ta'veren there, all the right age.

The scene ends with a look at a valley filled with various tall formations covered in greenery[4].

Scene 6 - Women's Circle#

A group of women head across an open field, across a stone bridge and to a bluff over a river. The Women's Circle initiation ceremony has begun, with Nynaeve leading it and Egwene being the initiate. Egwene's hair is being braided, showing that she is a part of them and vice versa. As the Wisdom of the Two Rivers, Nynaeve welcomes Egwene to the Women's Circle. Egwene looks back at her mother, who looks on proudly. She leads Egwene to the edge of the bluff and instructs Egwene to be strong and to trust the river.[5] Nynaeve then pushes Egwene off the cliff, into the river. Egwene panics in the strong current and struggles to stay afloat, but eventually relaxes and lets the river float her downstream. Exhausted, she eventually swims to shore.

Scene 7 - Rand and Tam#

Tam and Rand are leading Bela and a filled cart down a mountain road from their farm. Wolves are heard howling in the distance. Some rocks tumble down the hillside onto the road and Rand draw his bow and points it up the hillside. They remark how there are more wolves now and that something is pushing them down the mountain.[6] While Rand clears the road of rocks, Tam remarks how Rand used to save a basket of berries for Egwene.

Scene 8 & 9 - Two Rivers#

This is the first glimpse of Two Rivers. Tam delivers a cask of apple brandy to the Winespring Inn. Inside inn, it's crowded and everyone's having a great time. Mat, Perrin, Rand and Danya are playing dice. Mat, with a claim of him about to win, tosses the dice and loses the throw. Mat, Perrin and Rand chat. Rand asks about Mat's sisters. Mat mentions that Perrin is married while Rand is pining after Egwene. Perrin talks about the rumor of soldiers being in Taren Ferry and headed south towards a war in Ghealdan. Mat guesses that it was probably Calle Coplin who told him and implies that Calle is a rumormonger. Mat leaves the table to talk to Danya while Rand and Perrin talk about how much money he lost.

Egwene enters to applause for being initiated into the Women's Circle. Her father, Bran, looks relieved that she made it and tells her that she needs to get to work, but another woman grabs her to go drink with the other women.

Evening comes (Winternight), along with thunder and lightning. Perrin asks Rand about Egwene's ceremony, but Rand says they haven't talked yet.

Scene 10 - Lan and Moiraine#

The door to the inn opens and a cloaked and hooded man comes in from the rain, his spurs clinking and his sword slung over his shoulder. The crowd goes quiet. Nynaeve al’Meara stands up, puts her hand on her dagger, and challenges the man with "Name yourself, stranger." The man removes his hood. He's wearing a hadori and announces that he's Lan. Then he says "This is Moiraine" as she steps into the room, removing her hood, all dry. Marin asks if she could help Moiraine.

Moiraine heads for the fireplace, with Lan following, both ignoring Nynaeve as they pass her. Moiraine then states that they'll need stables for their horses and a room for the night. Marin then notices the ring on Moiraine's finger, with a blue stone on it, and answers with "Of course, Moiraine Sedai." Moiraine turns around when she reaches the fireplace and scans the room. Everyone is talking with each other in hushed tones. We see Mat standing, talking to some woman. Nynaeve still has her hand on her dagger.

Everyone is staring. Finally, Marin asks "If you would come this way?" and leads Moiraine and Lan out of the room and upstairs. Perrin remarks that Moiraine looks like a normal person. Nynaeve remarks that they'd all be happier and safer when Moiraine's at her destination and then asks where Laila is and encourages Perrin to go to her at the forge. Perrin asks Nynaeve to give Egwene his best wishes.

Scene 11 - Perrin and Laila#

Perrin goes to forge to see Laila who's working hard at the forge. He asks her why she's here, but she doesn't answer. He also said that he had heard that she didn't go to the ceremony.[7] He comes behind her and holds her and says "I love you." She replies "I know" and leans back into his chest.

Scene 12 - Mat and Family#

Mat goes outside to look for his mother and father. He finds his mother, drunk, leaning against a wall. He asks where his father is and his mother nods in that direction, where his father is seen flirting with a young woman. His mother starts to angrily head towards his father, but Mat instead takes her home. They enter their house, where two girls are playing. One of them asks if there mother is sick again. Mat puts his mother to bed and then she says that Mat will end up to be just like his father. Mat then asks his sisters, Bode and Eldrin, if they'd rather sleep with him tonight instead of with their parents.

Scene 13 - Back in the Inn#

Back inside inn, Marin says that Two Rivers folk can ignore rumors of war. Tam says that Aes Sedai don't fight wars, but instead manipulate people. Marin tells Egwene and Rand to finish up the dishes and then she, Bran and Tam leave.

Scene 14 - Alone Time#

Egwene and Rand talk about the ceremony and then share intimate moments.

Scene 15 - Bath Time#

Moiraine and Lan take a bath. She thinks one of the five is the Dragon Reborn, but is not sure which one it is.

Scene 16 - Apprenticeship?#

Back to Egwene and Rand. They talk about Nynaeve offering her a Wisdom apprenticeship, but she hasn't accepted.

Scene 17 - Fade#

It's raining. A cloaked rider enters the village. It's revealed to be a Fade. There's whistling in the background.

Scene 18 - Bel Tine Morning#

It's the next morning. Padan Fain, whistling, is entering the village on his wagon.[8] Egwene serves breakfast to Tam while looking around for Rand. We then switch to Laila and Perrin in bed and Laila holds Perrin's hand.

Mat walks over to Padan, who apparently knows him already, and sells Padan a bracelet that belonged to the Two Rivers woman he was talking to last night.

Moiraine and Lan walk through the village. Lan thinks that a Fade is already here.

Scene 19 - Vista#

Egwene finds Rand sitting on a rock somewhere outside of town. He mentions that when he's there he wonders about his future. She starts to say that she's accepted the apprenticeship offer when Rand says he already knows.

Scene 20 - Sacred Pool#

Moiraine visits Nynaeve at the sacred pool. Moiraine knows that the old Wisdom brought her here as a baby and that her parents had passed. Nynaeve tells Moiraine that the old Wisdom went to the White Tower because she could listen to the wind, but the White Tower rejected her. Moiraine guesses that Nynaeve has had her braid for only one or two years, but Nynaeve says it's been five years. Moiraine says that makes Nynaeve about 25 or 26 years old.[9]

Scene 21 - The Trio#

Back at village, Rand, Mat and Perrin talk. Mat figures out that there's a problem between Rand and Egwene.

Scene 22 - The Wind#

Egwene and Nynaeve are on a bridge and they talk about the wind sounding bad. Nynaeve does not know why.

Scene 23 - Remains#

Lan, scouting around, finds fourteen slaughtered sheep arranged in a pattern.[10]

Scene 24 - The Trio#

Moiraine is watching Rand, Mat and Perrin from an upstairs window. Rand and Perrin give Mat some money to spend on his sisters. Rand stands up and says he's going home.

Scene 25 - al'Thor Farm#

Rand and Tam arrive back at their farm with Bela pulling a cart. They light a ceremonial candle for Rand's mother Kari. This interweaves with scenes of townspeople lighting candles on wood and floating them out the river. Tam talks about Bel Tine and how Wheel of Time keep turning and that everyone just tried to do a little better than the last time.[11]

Egwene spots Moiraine watching the ceremony. Neither speak.

Scene 26 - Bel Tine#

Marin gets the music started and people start dancing. Padan Fain is watching from the side.

Lan tells Moiraine about the Fade and dozens of Trollocs nearby. He tells her that they need to leave now. Moiraine says that she still does not know which is the Dragon Reborn.

Scene 27 - The Invasion#

Back in the village, everyone is dancing. Egwene's partner, Tom, is struck in the back with a nasty looking axe and dies. Trollocs invade the village, slaughtering people left and right. Villagers scramble to safety.[12] Nynaeve grabs Egwene and pulls her to safety. Perrin and Laila run to the forge, allowing one more person in before they close and lock the door. A Fade is seen on a horse on a path above the village. Mat gets inside his house but then he discovers that his parents don't know where his sisters are, so he goes back out after them. Nynaeve and Egwene pull an injured villager to safety, but he dies soon.

Scene 28 - Narg#

Inside their house, Rand and Tam hear Bela acting like she's spooked. They look at each other and then head towards the door. A Trolloc, Narg[13], busts through the door and starts to attack them. Tam manages to dive under his bed, pull out a box, open it, and take out a sword. The sword has a heron marked on its blade. Tam puts up a good fight but gets stabbed in the shoulder. As the Trolloc pushes into Tam, Rand stabs it in the back and kills it. Tam slumps to the floor, telling Rand that it was a Trolloc[14]

Scene 29 - Battle#

Back in the village, a Trolloc has spied Nynaeve and Egwene and heads towards them. Nynaeve pulls out her knife. The Trolloc yells at them and Nynaeve yells back at it. It swings and missing and Nynaeve and Egwene attack back. It's about to strike again when it's surrounded by a white stream of something which tears it apart. The stream came from Moiraine, standing in the center of the village, with Lan by her side. Moiraine attacks the Trollocs with the One Power as Lan protects her.

The Women's Circle taunt a Trolloc into attacking them and then they kill it.

A Trolloc bursts into the forge and Perrin and Laila start defending themselves. A second one comes in and attacks Perrin while the first one focuses on Laila. She finally kills the one attacking her and heads towards Perrin to help him. Perrin kills the one attacking him, hears something behind him and swings his axe backwards without looking, slicing Laila in the side with a deep cut. She dies in his arms.

Mat finds his sisters hiding away and takes them to a safe spot.

A Trolloc grabs Nynaeve by the braid and drags her away.[15]

Scene 30 - (Un)Lucky Throw#

Moiraine finishes killing the first wave of Trollocs, but not before a thrown Trolloc dagger hits her. She sees more Trollocs. Lan pulls out the dagger and Moiraine kills the rest of the Trollocs, pulling down the Winespring Inn in the process.

Scene 31 - Next Morning#

The next morning, Rand enters the village with Tam on Bela's back. Rand has his father's sword. The village is destroyed. Marin spots Rand and tells Egwene, who then runs to Rand. They set Tam down and Egwene gets Moiraine, who Heals Tam. Moiraine is obviously exhausted. Mat enters the village with his two sisters. Perrin emerges from the forge, carrying Laila's body.

Rand accuses Moiraine of having a connection to the Trolloc attack. She tells them that the Trollocs were there for the four of them. She explains a bit about the Dragon Reborn and the Wheel of Time and that one of them is the Dragon Reborn and that is who the Trollocs are after. Lan looks up on the mountainside and sees at least 300 Trollocs coming down. He wonders how they got here so fast.[16] Moiraine says that they are all leaving right now because that's the only way to save the village. They will be heading to the White Tower. All six mount up and ride out of the village.

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[1] It is a sa'angreal. See Episode 108.
[2] The lead woman is Liandrin. It is unknown who the others are.
[3] They have gentled the man.
[4] Some of them look to be skyscrapers, indicating relics from a previous Age.
[5] The relaxing and floating in the strong current mirrors Aes Sedai teachings about surrendering.
[6] Could it be the Trollocs coming?
[7] There's a theory that Perrin "holds a candle" for Egwene. Could that be why Laila did not go to the ceremony and is working late at the forge? See THE WHEEL OF TIME’s Madeleine Madden Tells Us About Egwene in Episode 5
[8] The background whistling merges very well into Padan Fain's whistling. Foreshadowing.
[9] That makes Nynaeve too old to be the Dragon Reborn
[10] That pattern is known as a "dragon's fang" and will appear throughout the series.
[11] This is prominent for Rand later in the series when he has to make a huge decision.
[12] Except for Padan Fain, who just puts down his mug, turns around and calmly walks away.
[13] Ok, maybe not specifically Narg, but it was in the books.
[14] How did Tam know it was a Trolloc and why does he have a heron-marked sword? Well, he has a history...
[15] The Trollocs had instructions to capture and not kill her [16] Through a nearby Waygate.