ToM: A Call to Stand

Egwene POV#

Egwene reads a letter from King Darlin saying he is loyal to Rand but concerned about breaking the seals. He will bring some troops to the Field of Merrilor but he must leave most of his army to defend against the Seanchan. She writes in return that she will promise to provide transport back if he will bring his whole army. Darlin and Elayne are important to her plans. She will next respond to Gregorin in Illian who is hesitant to support her. Mattin Stepaneos is still in the White Tower because he is afraid to return to Illian. Silviana enters with a grim message that Trollocs are invading Saldaea, Arafel and Kandor. Egwene asks about Tarwin's Gap but there is no news. She sends for Siuan who might have more.

Silviana returns with news that the Hall is meeting. Two Accepted, Nissa and newly raised Nicola, brought the news. Two thirds of the Sitters are there. Pevara and Javindhra are still missing but there are two new Red Sitters, Raechin and Viria Connoral along with Barasine. Lelaine, Romanda and Takima are there. One Brown, one Blue, two White, two Yellow, two Gray, three Red and three Green. Saroiya tells how Egwene tricked them into declaring war and giving her full power. Barasine, Ferane, Rubinde Acedone, Magla, Varilin, Faiselle, Farnah Sadaou, and Andaya are there. Saerin and Janya enter. They discuss the Hall taking control of Bryne's army and the Tower Guard. Lelaine suggests the Hall take the army and the Amyrlin take rulers. Vote. Doesine and Yukiri arrive and also stand giving the lesser consensus.[1]

Too late they realize that gives Egwene sole authority to deal with Rand. Egwene is happy with the outcome but angry at the secrecy. She moves to add to Tower Law that all Sitters must be in the Tower or appoint surrogates, all Sitters and the Amyrlin must be notified of all meetings of the Hall. The Sitters stand for the Greater Consensus. Egwene and Silviana return to her study and Egwene sends Nissa and Nicola to Caemlyn to get new dream ter'angreal from Elayne. Egwene will train them and others but only some. Rosil will not let her put them in danger. Silviana tells her that Gawyn is in Caemlyn. She orders a message sent for him to return. Even though he is infuriating she will need him.

More Egwene POV

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] We now have a nearly complete picture of the Sitters in the reunited Hall. Seaine is the other White Sitter (ToM,Ch20). The only missing pieces are Lyrelle who was sent to the Black Tower representing the Blue Ajah and the replacement for Moria.

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