Title: Lord Jarid of House Sarand

An Andoran noble. High Seat of House Sarand. His wife is Elenia. The sign of House Sarand is two Golden Boars. His personal sigil is a golden boar charging before a red spear.

Physical Description#

He is dark and square-faced. (TFoH,Ch19) He is a square man, dark for an Andoran. (LoC,Ch1) He has dark hair, recently grown long. (AMoL,Prologue)

Chronology (Possible Spoilers)#

Other References (Possible Spoilers)#

  1. In The Fires of Heaven
    1. TFoH,Ch19 - Jarid's wife, Elenia, wants the Lion Throne for herself.
  2. In Lord of Chaos
    1. LoC,Ch1 - The sign of House Sarand is the Golden Boar.
    2. LoC,Ch9 - Lady Marande goads Morgase reporting how Rand spends time in court in the Royal Palace with her enemies, Lord Jarid, Lady Arymilla, Lady Naean and Lord Lir.
  3. In Winters Heart
    1. WH,Ch7 - When Elayne learns that Elenia and Naean were freed, she thinks that either Jarid did it, or if Naean's people did it, that he will try to free Elenia from them.
  4. In Knife of Dreams
    1. KoD,Ch17 - Jarid is High Seat of House Sarand.
    2. KoD,Ch33 - After they are captured, Arymilla threatens Elayne with Jarid's armsmen but Elenia says he will just do what he can to preserve House Sarand.
  5. In A Memory of Light
    1. AMoL,Prologue - His personal sigil is golden boar charging before a red spear.
    2. AMoL,Ch1 - There is a commotion and a messenger arrives with news of the attack on Caemlyn, not by Jarid Sarand, but an army of Trollocs.