LoC: A New Arrival

Rand POV#

Rand recalls that Mazrim Taim, a false Dragon who could channel, raised an army and ravaged Saldaea. He was taken but escaped on the way to Tar Valon. Queen Tenobia sent Bashere to pursue the man. The Andoran nobles gasp and panic. Arymilla collapses, Karind licks her lips nervously, and Elegar retches. Rand reminds Bashere and Tumad of the amnesty. Bashere states the amnesty holds if Taim remains outside Saldaea. Rand carries the little fat man angreal. Lir and Naean say they will stay, but Rand commands them to leave. Tumad and four guards with swords drawn lead in Taim. He does not seem to be affected by the heat.[1] Lews Therin rises in a frenzy in Rand's head, shouting about Sammael and Demandred.[1] Bashere seems to doubt that the man is Taim.[1] Taim taunts Bashere about events in Saldaea at Irinjavar, which include something happening to Musar and Hachari and their wives.

Rand tells Taim the vision in the sky was not the Dark One but Ba'alzamon, or Ishamael. Rand says the Forsaken must die. Semirhage tortured an entire city. Graendal murdered children. Demandred captured two cities and fed them to Trollocs. Mesaana set up schools to teach the glory of the Dark One. Rand says Taim's crimes are relatively small. He is pardoned if he will submit and help fight Tarmon Gai'don. Bashere relaxes and his men put up their swords. Taim suggests a compact instead. The Saldaeans the Maidens including Jalani tense. Lews Therin raves, "Kill him!" When Rand angrily refuses a compact, Taim slips to a knee and submits to the Dragon Reborn. Rand reminds Taim of what happens to false Dragons. Logain gentled in the White Tower. One beheaded in Haddon Mirk by the Tairens. One burned alive by the Murandians as was Gorin Rogad by the Illianers four years ago. Rand asks if Taim can teach men to channel or test a man to know if he can be taught. Taim says he can do both. Over the years he found five who could learn. He taught one, but the man went mad after two years. Taim presents a seal on the Dark One's prison. Rand has two more hidden.[2] As Rand holds the seal Lews Therin says to break it. Bashere stops Rand from smashing it. Sulin and Jalani move toward him.[3] Taim says he found the seal at a decaying little farm in Saldaea. Rand hands the seal to Bashere and asks if madness concerns him. Bashere replies that Muad Cheade, the last Marshal-General, was mad but he never lost a battle. Rand tells Bashere he is taking Taim to the farm.[4] Rand wears his sword, his buckle from Aviendha and grabs his short spear, the Dragon Scepter. Rand does not like Taim.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] One of the key points of discussion in the Wheel of Time. Who is Mazrim Taim and what is his true allegiance? In recent interviews Robert Jordan stated clearly that Taim is not Demandred. See the discussion in the FAQ, Section 1.5.6.
[#2] The two Moiraine brought from the Stone of Tear and Rhuidean.
[#3] Other Maidens with Rand are Desora, Liah, Maira and Somara. (LoC,Ch1, LoC,Ch3)
[#4] Taim will name the farm the Black Tower and become the M'Hael of the Asha'man.

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