LoC: Plans

Pedron Niall POV#

Abdel Omerna reports his findings as spy chief to Niall. Most of his information is wrong. The Illuminators want to set up a chapter house in Amador, but Niall refuses. Omerna claims they captured two Aes Sedai in Amadicia.[1] When he is finished, he gives Niall a message tube. Niall asks him to send in Balwer.

Sebban Balwer, the true spy chief, enters and makes his report. Mattin Stepaneos might join Niall, but he is also negotiating with the White Tower. He has an Aes Sedai advisor whom he keeps hidden.[2] He still holds a grudge against the Whitecloaks for being defeated and captured during the Battle of Soremaine. Davram Bashere is in Caemlyn with his cavalry. Tenobia is avoiding his envoy. The Borderlands are fighting over whether or not Rand is the true Dragon Reborn. The fighting started in Shienar about the time the Stone of Tear fell.[3] Queen Alliandre of Ghealdan is waffling because of the Prophet. Carridin is doing well stirring up trouble in Altara and Murandy. His agents in Tear convinced Tedosian and Estanda to join Darlin in rebellion. Eamon Valda will be back from Tar Valon in a month or so.

Niall opens the message tube. It is from his personal agent Varadin in Tanchico. Niall thinks he is crazy because he writes of strange creatures and Aes Sedai on leashes.[4] Balwer has four more pieces of news. The Ogier are having meetings between the stedding. There are lots of Sea Folk ships in southern harbors just sitting and waiting. Rand was reported in Caemlyn, Tear and Cairhien on the same day.[5] Finally, the Aes Sedai in Salidar have Logain with them and claim that the Red Ajah set him up. Niall still wants to bide his time with Salidar and is worried that others such as Valda and Asunawa will not wait. He orders Balwer to start rumors that the Black Ajah took over the White Tower and the Aes Sedai in Salidar are petitioning for forgiveness. He orders Balwer to find Elayne and Gawyn and bring them to Amador. He is pressing Morgase as hard as he dares. The worst battle he ever fought was near Moisen during the Whitecloak War, but that was nothing compared to the battle he now faces.

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Morgase POV#

Morgase is hawking with her retinue. Niall moved her into the Fortress of the Light. She is accompanied by Basel Gill , Paitr Conel and several noblewomen of Amadicia. Fifty Whitecloaks led by Norowhin stand guard. The noblewomen are Laurain, Marande, Marewin and Altalin. Just last night Niall told her that Galad joined the Whitecloaks. Marande, sister of the High Seat of House Algoran, is unhappy at being forced to spend time with Morgase, she goads her telling her news of how Rand has taken over Caemlyn and consorts with the nobles, Arymilla, Naean, Jarid and Lir. Morgase considers this good news because they were Gaebril's toadies. Her supporters, Pelivar, Abelle, Luan, Arathelle, Ellorien and Aemlyn must be keeping their distance. There are many people on the road. Norowhin tells her that they are refugees. Morgase thinks that if Rand has caused the same sort of trouble in Andor she will make him pay.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Who? Could they be two of Liandrin's cronies? The only ones unaccounted for are Berylla Naron, Jeaine and Rianna Andomeran.
[#2] No clue who she might be.
[#3] This would be about the time that Hurin returned to Fal Dara.
[#4] The first indication that the Seanchan have returned in force.
[#5] That the Whitecloaks have spies in Cairhien and Caemlyn is to be expected. Unless Rand made undocumented trips to the Stone of Tear, this implies that they also have spies among Rand's forces on the Plains of Maredo.

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