KoD: Call to a Sitting

Romanda Cassin POV#

Romanda is in the tent she shares with Magla and Salita, reading about Birgitte and Gaidal Cain in The Flame, the Blade and the Heart. She grew up in Far Madding. The weaves of Keeping that Egwene discovered are failing.[1] Bodewhin Cauthon straightens the tent for the other two; Aelmara is Romanda's personal servant. She shares her tent in order to keep an eye on the two other Sitters for the Yellow. They follow her lead far too seldom. Magla insisted on Salita as the new Sitter for the Yellow but Romanda does not understand why.[2] She wanted Dagdara but gave in so she would be elected First Weaver, her position before she retired.

Nisao enters, leaving Sarin Hoigan to stand guard outside, and Romanda sends Bodewhin to her classes. Varilin still leads the daily negotiations with Elaida's embassy in Darein with Magla, Saroiya, Takima and Faiselle. Nisao wards against eavesdropping then asks Romanda to intercede with Lelaine. Lelaine ordered her to stop inquiring into the murders of Anaiya and Kairen as she was doing under Egwene's command. Romanda is only now realizing Egwene's strength of leadership. Romanda agrees to intercede. All that Nisao learned so far is that they were both close friends with Cabriana Mecandes.[3]

Theodrin arrives as Nisao leaves. Romanda took her in because the Brown Ajah did not really support her.[4] She announces that Lelaine called a Sitting of the Hall. Romanda heads to the Hall alone as she has no Warder. She sees Gareth Bryne escorting Siuan to the Blue Ajah area of the camp. She hears a gong that signifies change of classes for the novices. Sharina Melloy has reorganized the whole novice structure without even asking Tiana. Ahead she sees Sharina talking to Tiana. As Romanda approaches, Sharina curtsies and leaves. Tiana tells her that Sharina and many others including a Murandian noble[5] are learning Nynaeve's new Healing. Romanda is appalled that novices are allowed to learn Healing, normally reserved for Aes Sedai, but Tiana defends herself. Romanda sees Delana heading the same direction with Halima lecturing her. She thinks they are pillow-friends. Fortunately for Romanda the new style of Healing is different enough so that it is not subject to the second-learned weave limitation.[6]

Romanda arrives at the Hall pavilion where a crowd is already gathered. Sheriam is there. It is embarrassing as the Keeper is only allowed in the Hall if the Amyrlin is present. Delana, Lelaine, Moria and Janya are already there. Malind and Faiselle discuss how they finally coerced Myrelle into bonding Llyw. After Romanda seats herself Kwamesa arrives, then Salita followed by Lyrelle, Saroiya, Aledrin, Samalin, Faiselle, Malind, Escaralde. Varilin is still in Darein but they have more than eleven so they may begin. Aledrin makes them private. At Lelaine's request Moria goes across the street to the Blue Ajah quarters and returns with Merise Haindehl, Jahar Narishma and her other two Warder.[7] The Sitters recognize him as an Asha'man. Malind rushes away. Merise announces that the Dragon Reborn asked Cadsuane to send her. Jahar asks for Egwene and Romanda says she is unavailable.

Jahar is suddenly furious; a man just tried to listen in. Aledrin agrees that something touched her ward. Delana gets up and runs. Malind returns with Nacelle of the Green Ajah. She weaves all five Powers around him, something akin to detecting residues. She excitedly announces that he is holding saidin. On request, he channels Spirit toward Saroiya and Nacelle can detect it. Nacelle then leaves. Jahar announces that any sister faithful to Egwene al'Vere may bond an Asha'man soldier or Dedicated, to a total of forty-seven. Romanda likes the idea but Faiselle and Saroiya are adamantly opposed. Jahar announces that the taint is gone and Merise confirms. All but Faiselle and Saroiya vote to accept the offer so they have the lesser consensus.

Forty-seven balances the sisters bonded by Asha'man.[8] He explains that Elaida sent them against the Black Tower so Taim ordered them captured and bonded. He then tells them of a fifth, Eben Hopwil who was killed by female Forsaken channeling saidin while linked with Daigian and Beldeine. He died defending his Aes Sedai. Escaralde offers her sympathies.

Romanda remembers where she heard of Cabriana Mecandes[3] and announces that they must order the arrest of Delana and Halima immediately. They are already gone, last seen with Delana and her serving woman[9] carrying bundles toward the Traveling ground.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] More evidence of Tarmon Gai'don approaching
[#2] We finally learn why in TGS,Ch43.
[#3] As was disclosed in NS,Ch12. Their knowledge of Cabriana was a threat to Halima's identity. At the end, Romanda remembers that Halima also claimed to be a friend of Cabriana.
[#4] So Romanda is not as canny as Lelaine in deducing Theodrin's motivation.
[#5] Most likely Jennet. (TPoD,Ch18)
[#6] Cadsuane first mentions this limitation in TPoD,Ch12 and we have also seen this effect, e.g., Aviendha's difficulty relearning to weave a gateway. (TPoD,Ch1)
[#7] Bassane and Nethan
[#8] That implies that four Asha'man are bonded by Aes Sedai. They are Jahar, Damer Flinn (WH,Ch25) Karldin Manfor (KoD,Ch27) and Naeff. (TGS,Ch31)
[#9] Miesa

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