LoC: A Woman's Eyes

Rand POV#

Rand opens a gateway to the farm. Enaila and three other Maidens leap through. Rand and Taim enter then Sulin and other Maidens follow. Rand hears Aviendha's voice, but closes the gateway before she can follow. As they walk to the farm, Rand tells Taim of the Forsaken, Trollocs, Myrddraal, Draghkar, Gray Men, Gholam, Darkhound and bubbles of evil. He wonders how he can stop Shadowspawn from using the Ways.[1] Taim says he has been in the Blight and killed Trollocs and Fades. Rand asks if Taim knows balefire, but Taim says he never heard of it.

There are twenty-seven men at the farm including Eben Hopwil, Fedwin Morr and Damer Flinn. Rand wants Taim to test them for the talent. Taim is surprised that Rand does not know how since he knows how to Travel.[2] Rand introduces Taim to the men. Jur Grady and his wife Sora Grady are there. Taim grabs Damer to test first. A tiny flame appears and Rand is relieved that Taim really can channel. Rand feels the resonance that Damer could learn. Taim points to Kely Huldin next. Rand tells Taim his job is to teach the men as fast as they can learn.

Taim asks if Rand means to train them as weapons and Rand agrees. Taim asks if he wants to match the number of Aes Sedai. Rand thinks there are a thousand. Taim thinks there are not so many.[3] Rand says he intends to defeat the Dark One and cleanse saidin. Taim thinks that would take more power than Rand can imagine and asks if he has a sa'angreal. Rand cuts him off and tells him to watch for any student who learns too fast. One of the Forsaken might try to slip in. Taim looked shaken.

Rand tells Taim to seize saidin and hold as much as he can. Taim holds nearly what Rand could, unaided. Lews Therin rages "Kill him. Kill him." In his head Rand shouts at him to shut up and the voice disappears.[4]

Rand leaves with Enaila, Somara, Sulin, Jalani and the rest of the Maidens. Jalani makes a joke at Rand's expense and Maira, Desora, Liah and Sulin all laugh. Most of the Maidens treat Rand as a brother, but some like Enaila and Somara actually treat him as a son. Rand thinks of his father, Tam and his mother, Kari al'Thor. Wishing to avoid Aviendha, Rand decides to go directly to Tear to visit Weiramon rather than return to the Royal Palace and keep his appointment with Bashere. As Rand opens a gateway and steps through, he sees Kely Huldin leaving in dejection, but his wife seems happy. Sora Grady, on the other hand, has her eyes locked on Rand as she holds her son.[5]

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Rand will start to take care of this in ACoS,Ch27.
[#2] Taim uses the word "Travel," but Rand never mentioned it, calling it a gateway. Where did Taim learn this term?
[#3] Rand's assessment is accurate. (LoC,Ch7)
[#4] This is the first time that Rand actually talks back to Lews Therin.
[#5] His name is Gadren. (ToM,Ch10)

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