LoC: The Crown of Roses

Merana Ambrey POV#

Merana, Seonid, Masuri and Min have a cordial meeting with Rand at the Royal Palace. It is obvious to the three Aes Sedai that Min is in love with Rand and so can no longer be trusted. On the way back to The Crown of Roses, Merana thinks of her past accomplishments. Thirty-eight years ago she negotiated the Fifth Treaty of Falme between Arad Doman and Tarabon. Merana feels afraid for the first time since her Warder Basan died before the Aiel War.

Back at the inn, Alanna and Verin are in the common room with a bunch of Warder. The rest of the embassy sisters are busy.[1] Merana reports that the meeting with Rand was cordial, but he warned them to stay away from the Black Tower. It is obvious to Merana that Min is in love with Rand. Min says she is going out for a walk, but Merana is sure she is going back to the Royal Palace. Alanna and Verin have now firmly sided with Salidar.

The five Aes Sedai go upstairs after Merana orders tea from Mistress Cinchonine. Verin's eyes are sharp and watchful. They all know that Alanna bonded Rand. Merana and Alanna are very close in strength. Alanna was a novice for six years while Merana took only five. However, Merana was already an Aes Sedai for thirty years when Alanna was born[2] so that gives her precedence. Verin and Merana are equal in strength and were both novice five years and Accepted for six. Verin is maybe as much older than she as she is older than Alanna. This gives Verin precedence if she chooses to wield it.[3]

Alanna is moping about the wound in Rand's side. Seonid knows she recently lost Owein as well and comforts her saying that her Warder, Teryl and Furen suffered serious hurts but kept going. They do not believe that Rand can detect a woman channeling. They know about Elaida's embassy in Cairhien, but they cannot know as much about him as Merana's embassy does. They will use the Andoran nobles to help bring him to heel. In her eighty years as Aes Sedai,[2] the Fifth Treaty of Falme was Merana's only failure. She is sure she can negotiate with Rand.

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Dyelin Taravin POV#

Dyelin meets with Kairen. Dyelin says she is worried about Elayne. Kairen implies that she might help while Rand might not.[1]

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Luan Norwelyn POV#

Luan meets with Rafela. Rafela tells Luan that Andor will be better off if Rand leaves it in peace and unity.[1]

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Ellorien Traemane POV#

Ellorien meets with Demira. They talk about who will have the Lion Throne if Rand leaves.[1]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The Aes Sedai are trying to influence important nobles to support them.
[#2] The original text had Merana as Aes Sedai for forty-six years and having worn the shawl for ten when Alanna was born. That pegged Alanna as being thirty-six years old. This contradicted TPoD,Ch12 where Cadsuane thought that Alanna has worn the shawl for almost forty years. Both chapters have been corrected so they are now consistent.
[#3] Lots of good information on how Aes Sedai establish their pecking order.

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