TDR: Hunted

Perrin POV#

Moiraine tells Perrin and Faile that the Forsaken in Illian is Sammael.[1] She gives Faile one last chance to leave, but Faile declines. Moiraine implies that Lan killed the Darkhound, so Sammael will soon know a Warder and his Aes Sedai are near. They must leave immediately. They join Loial and go to the stable where Lan and Nieda are readying the horses. It is pouring rain. Moiraine orders Nieda, who has worked for her for twelve years, to leave town immediately. Moiraine says that Sammael sent the Darkhound, but not the Gray Men. Someone else is after Perrin.[2] Perrin blurts out that Rand is the Dragon Reborn in front of Faile and Nieda. Moiraine tells Faile that she is now sealed to them and can no longer turn back. Moiraine, Lan, Perrin, Loial and Faile ride north on the Maredo Causeway. Perrin is on Stepper, Moiraine is on Aldieb and Lan is on Mandarb. After a few miles, they hear a pack of Darkhound pursuing them. Making a stand on a rise, Perrin kills one and Moiraine balefires the rest. She says that it is forbidden and has not been used in two thousand years.[3] Moiraine says that they are not Sammael's main quarry or he would have come himself. Perrin asks if it is Rand. Moiraine says perhaps him or Mat, since he, too, is ta'veren plus he blew the Horn of Valere. Faile now knows just about everything. They continue riding east toward Tear.

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Mat POV#

Mat and Thom are camped between villages near Caemlyn. Despite Aludra's warnings, Mat cuts up one of the firecrackers to see what is inside.[4] Thom is nearly apoplectic with fear. A pretty, blue-eyed, well-dressed woman and three men ride up. Suddenly, they attack, but Mat and Thom kill them all. Mat does not feel bad about the men, but he is upset about the woman. Afterwards, Mat recognizes one of the men as one of his attackers on the Gray Gull who escaped. He thinks the attackers are after him because of the letter he is carrying for Elayne. They have no way of disposing of the bodies so they ride on through the night. They should arrive in Caemlyn tomorrow.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] How did she learn that?
[#2] Since Ishamael sent the Gray Man and others after Mat, (TDR,Ch36) it was most likely him.
[#3] Moiraine is not omniscient. Both Rand (TDR,Ch9) and Nynaeve (TDR,Ch39) have rediscovered balefire.
[#4] Foreshadowing of his use of fireworks at the Stone of Tear (TDR,Ch54) and of his future interest in fireworks. (ACoS,Ch17)

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