TEotW: Choices

Rand POV#

Moiraine restores everyone else and they sleep for an hour before starting out. The trip to Baerlon takes almost a week. The moon is still full. Lan's stallion is named Mandarb, which means "Blade" in the Old Tongue. Moiraine's mare is named Aldieb, which means "Westwind." Lan begins teaching Rand, Mat and Perrin to use their weapons. Rand recognizes Lan's description of mental preparation as the flame and the void that Tam taught him.[1] In the evenings Thom juggles and tells stories like "Mara and the Three Foolish Kings" and "Anla the Wise Counselor." Egwene practices with Moiraine every night. One night Rand eavesdrops. Moiraine slips and mentions a second Emond's Field woman who can channel.[2] Egwene asks if it is Kari Thane or Lara Ayellan. Moiraine looks right at Rand in hiding.[3]

On the sixth day they arrive at Baerlon.[4] In Baerlon, Moiraine goes by Alys[5] and Lan goes by Andra. Avin, the gatekeeper, recognizes Alys and Andra and welcomes them. He remembers Thom as well. He reports the news. Whitecloaks arrived the day Alys and Andra left. They came because of the false Dragon in Ghealdan. The Governor, Heran Adan, only allows ten at a time to enter the town to avoid trouble. There is some kind of trouble in Saldaea.[6] There is a battle in Ghealdan between Aes Sedai and the false Dragon. He is headed toward Tear. Thom quotes some of the Karaethon Prophecy - The Stone of Tear will never fall until the People of the Dragon come to the Stone. The Stone will never fall till the Sword That Cannot Be Touched is wielded by the Dragon's hand. They arrive at The Stag and Lion. Mutch, a stableman, questions them coming in the back, but they are welcomed by the owner, Master Fitch.

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Also called ko'di. (NS,Ch16)
[#2] Nynaeve, of course.
[#3] Because of the token he carries.
[#4] Jordan seems to have changed his mind after the first few books. Six days being "nearly a week" contradicts his later definition (Lord of Chaos,Glossary) of a week being ten days.
[#5] The same pseudonym she uses in NS,Ch17.
[#6] Is this the unusual intensity of Trolloc activity (TEotW,Ch20) or is this the first word of Mazrim Taim?


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