TFoH: Meetings

Nynaeve POV#

Nynaeve is in Tel'aran'rhiod in the Heart of the Stone with Callandor stuck in the floor. She avoids it because of Rand's traps. She calls out for Birgitte and Birgitte appears. Birgitte tells her she has not seen Gaidal Cain for some time. He has been born again.[1] She explains that time runs differently in Tel'aran'rhiod, so there is no telling how much longer till she is reborn as well. Nynaeve asks about the Forsaken. Birgitte responds that she has seen Lanfear often, also Rahvin, Sammael, Graendal, Demandred and Semirhage all stalking each other. They are more active now than any time since they were freed. She has not seen Moghedien. Normally she can find anyone in Tel'aran'rhiod, but Moghedien knows how to hide. In the Old Tongue a moghedien was a tiny, deadly spider. Nynaeve asks her to keep looking and Birgitte agrees. Nynaeve asks for permission to tell others about her, but Birgitte curtly refuses and disappears.

Egwene appears with Melaine. Nynaeve wishes it were not Melaine. At their last meeting she talked too much about Lan's looks. Egwene tells her that Lan is well. Nynaeve is worried because of the danger of Couladin and the Shaido. She tells them that they are now in Amadicia in the village of Sienda. She also tells them about Ronde Macura and her odd message, but lies about being drugged. This is the first time she ever lied to Egwene.[2] Egwene tells her about the Shaido crossing Jangai Pass and Rand following. Moiraine now obeys Rand. Nynaeve then tells them that the Forsaken are planning something claiming that she has seen them in Tel'aran'rhiod. Melaine gets on her case about dealing in things she does not understand. Tel'aran'rhiod is extremely dangerous. Melaine takes a serious jab at her saying, "Aan'allein will die on the day he learns that you are dead."[3] Nynaeve still refuses to stay out of Tel'aran'rhiod without supervision, so Melaine dresses her in little girl clothes before she and Egwene disappear. She thinks that perhaps she can learn what is going on in the White Tower by herself.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] So will/have we seen him? Robert Jordan confirmed that he was not reborn as Olver. Olver was born long before Gaidal Cain disappeared from Tel'aran'rhiod. Time runs differently in the dream world, but never backwards.
[#2] This is the beginning of their role reversal that culminates in TFoH,Ch15.
[#3] Is this just a vicious jab or is it a Dream?

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