TGH: Friends and Enemies

Rand POV#

Leaving the stable, Rand first goes to the nearby sally gate. Ragan and Masema confirm that no one is to leave. They got their orders from Uno. Rand tries the Carters' Gate and the Dog Gate, but they are both locked and guarded as well. Rand recalls Thom telling him that gentled men die soon. Only Lan, Moiraine, Nynaeve and Egwene know he can channel. In the armorer's forge, Rand feels watched, smells decay and hears laughter.[1] The feeling follows him. He meets Mat, Perrin and Loial with more soldiers. Mat has discovered his luck at dice. Rand warns them that Moiraine ordered new clothes for them so Elansu will be after them. Rand asks Loial if he knows a way out, but Loial tells him the original city of Mafal Dadaranell was destroyed in the Trolloc Wars. Rand tells them to stay away, trying to anger them so they will not follow him. He runs into Egwene. She is acting more like an Aes Sedai. She suggests hiding in the dungeon. She and Nynaeve have been visiting Fain. Moiraine did not tell them not to. In the dungeon, the guards, Changu and Nidao, and two other prisoners are rude and mean.[2] Fain says he can feel Rand. He says, "They are coming for me, and they're coming for you. Mordeth knows more than all of you."[3] He keeps looking at the ceiling in the direction of the women's apartments where Moiraine and the Amyrlin are.[4] Egwene offers to hide him in the women's apartments and they leave the dungeon.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] No indication of what this might be. Fain? The Gray Man? One of the Forsaken?
[#2] Already Fain is contaminating those near him.
[#3] The first proof of Fain's merging with Mordeth.
[#4] Is there someone else in particular that he can sense? Liandrin? Alviarin?

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