TGH: Stedding Tsofu

Rand POV#

Rand, Mat, Perrin, Verin and the Shienarans leave Cairhien and arrive at Stedding Tsofu midday the next day. Rand feels a sense of loss.[1] They meet Erith, daughter of Iva, daughter of Alar. Because of their weapons, only Hurin and Ingtar enter the stedding with them. Uno and the others wait at the border. A band of TuathaAn visited recently. Loial thinks Erith is beautiful. Loial says he has not been away from the stedding to long and cites Dalar who spent ten years with the Sea Folk. Three Aiel Maidens walk out of the woods and nearly attack. They came for sung wood. The leader is Rhian. An older Ogier, Juin, son of Lacel, son of Laud, intervenes. Perrin and Mat tell Rand that the Aiel are looking for him. Ingtar and Masema think he is Aiel and he looks like he could be related to Urien or Rhian. Hurin is happy. The stedding smells good because there has never been any killing. Juin takes them to meet with the Elders.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Loss of the True Source.

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