TGH: The Wheel Weaves

Thom POV#

The next morning Thom is returning to The Bunch of Grapes. He stopped by The Great Tree, but Rand and the others were already gone. At the inn, he finds Dena dead. Thom kills the two men waiting for him. They claimed to be from Barthanes who wanted information on Rand. Zera enters having just heard from Ella that men were waiting for Thom. Thom says he has another man to kill. Zera tells him Barthanes is dead, torn to pieces in his own bedroom.[1] Zera takes a closer look at the two men and says they worked for Galldrian.[2] There is a lot of smoke and Thom can see that the graneries are on fire.[3]

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Padan Fain POV#

Fain is riding into Falme with the chest. He left the Darkfriends and Trollocs at a camp in the hills. All the people he has met are tense and afraid so he thinks he will do well.[4] Fain takes the chest to High Lord Turak. Turak opens the chest and is suitably impressed. He keeps the Horn and the ruby dagger. Fain is frustrated, the Horn was a means to an end, but the ruby dagger is part of him. Fain demands the ruby dagger and Turak's attendant, Huon, knocks him down. Fain plans how he will kill him.[5] Fain tells Turak a story of loyalty to Hawkwing's blood. He says the banner on the roof was the banner of Luthair Paendrag, Hawkwing's son. Turak talks of the Seanchan Empress and the Crystal Throne in the Court of the Nine Moons in Seandar. Her second daughter, Tuon,[6] is currently favored for succession. Turak is of House of Aladon. Fain thinks Rand will be a day or two behind him.[7] He tells Turak that Rand is a Darkfriend and has Trollocs. Turak says there were no Trollocs in Seanchan but the Armies of the Night had other allies. He wonders if a grolm could kill a Trolloc.[8] He dismisses Fain who goes to search for an inn.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] There is nothing more ever mentioned about Barthanes' death but the style, someone mangled in a closed and guarded room, has all the earmarks of the gholam.
[#2] Thom's thoughts are clear. He intends to kill Galldrian.
[#3] Who started the fire and why?
[#4] Mordeth coming through.
[#5] And does. (TGH,Ch45)
[#6] Mat's Daughter of the Nine Moons.
[#7] Evidently Fain does not realize that he has imprinted his need to follow Rand on Machin Shin and that is now preventing Rand from following him.
[#8] Luthair Paendrag's invading forces thought the exotic creatures of Seanchan were Shadowspawn but there were not. In fact, they were brought from the Portal Stone worlds to combat real Shadowspawn. (Guide)

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