TPoD: Beginnings

Perrin POV#

It is a month since TPoD,Ch10. Perrin rides Stayer into Abila. He is with Neald, Grady, Balwer, Edarra, Carelle, Masuri, Seonid, their three Warder, Aram and Elyas. Elyas has a fine cloak he won from Gallenne. He has been on his own for the past fifteen years. Elyas and Aram do not like each other. Balwer takes off to see what he can learn. At the house where the Prophet is staying, Neald and the Warder stay with the horses. The rest are led to Masema. Hari, the man from the goatpen, is there with him. Perrin tells Masema that Rand sent him to stop the killing and to bring Masema to him. Masema refuses to have anything to do with the One Power but agrees to ride with Perrin.

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Faile POV#

Faile and Alliandre are out hawking, accompanied by Maighdin. Faile is riding Swallow. She thinks Maighdin is sleeping with Tallanvor. Bain and Chiad came with them but Sulin and the rest of the Maidens stayed at the camp. Twenty of Alliandre's soldiers and twenty Winged Guards escort them. Berelain is with them. Parelean, Arrela and Lacile ride up with news that the Prophet met with a Seanchan woman four nights ago.

Suddenly the Shaido attack. Sevanna sent Efalin to get more gai'shain. An Aiel named Rolan captures Faile. Swallow is killed. Parelean is killed. Alliandre, Morgase, Bain, Chiad, Arrela and Lacile are all captured.[1] Only Berelain escapes to carry word to Perrin about the Prophet and the Seanchan and the Shaido.

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Egwene POV#

Egwene rides Daishar beside all the new recruits. She is accompanied by Siuan, Sheriam and Chesa. They have been recruiting for a month. The number of novices has doubled to almost a thousand. A grandmother named Sharina with a commanding presence might be stronger than Nynaeve.[2] Two Aes Sedai[3] and the girls from Emond's Field[4] joined them two days ago. Gareth Bryne has his army ready as well. Romanda and Lelaine still nitpick, but spend most of their time fighting each other. Thirteen sisters open a huge gateway to the plain below Dragonmount and the army begins to march through.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Manderic takes Chiad. (KoD,Ch28) Jhoradin takes Lacile. (KoD,Ch5) Marthea takes Arrela. (TGS,Ch21)
[#2] She seems to be the same Sharina mentioned in Nynaeve's third trip through the three arches. (TGH,Ch23)
[#3] Last we saw them, the Emond's Field girls were leaving Caemlyn for Salidar with Demira, Valinde, Kairen and Berenicia. (LoC,Ch49) Kairen is one of the two. (CoT,Ch17) Who is the other and what became of the other two?
[#4] They include Bodewhin Cauthon, Hilde Barran, Jerilin al'Caar, Marisa Ahan, Emry Lewin, Elise Marwin, Darea Candwin, Larine Ayellin, Jancy Torfinn, Susa al'Seen, Marce Eldin and Elle. (LoC,Ch10, LoC,Ch11)

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