TSR: A New Weave in the Pattern

Perrin POV#

Lord Luc enters and Perrin despises him on sight. Jac and Elisa al'Seen present him to their guests as Lord Luc of Chiendelna. He recognizes Verin as Aes Sedai and is nervous about her.[1] She asks about his House name saying it has a Borderlands sound.[2] He replies that it is in Murandy. He is shocked at the sight of Perrin.[3] Faile seems impressed with him and Perrin is jealous. Perrin chides them about letting the Whitecloaks run their lives to avoid the Trollocs. He convinces them that they should go to Emond's Field and join forces. Jac al'Seen and Flann Lewin are resistant at first, but come around to Perrin's plan. Luc leaves, clearly miffed. Jac says they will leave as soon as they can pack and will spend the night at Jon Gaelin's farm. Verin compliments Perrin and says it was ta'veren in action. She asks if Rand has the sword and he tells her that he does.[4] She then warns him to watch himself with Alanna. There are lots of "designs" in the White Tower and many of them could make use of a ta'veren.[4] Verin moves away and Faile joins him. They make up their recent spats.

Perrin, Faile, Verin, Tomas, Tam and Abell prepare to leave. Four of the older boys decide to join them. They are Wil al'Seen, Ban al'Seen, Tell Lewin and Dannil Lewin. They head north and are soon joined by Gaul, Bain and Chiad. Perrin stops at other farms, and more people agree to head to Emond's Field. Thirteen more young men join them. They include Jaim Torfinn, Bili al'Dai, Kenley Ahan and Hu Marwin. Some of the boys argue about who should lead whom, but Perrin quickly takes command, splitting the group in two and putting Dannil Lewin and Ban al'Seen in charge. Faile and Tomas nod in approval, but Perrin just says what he thinks Uno would say.

Just before they reach Watch Hill, they all gather in a dense thicket. After scouting the Whitecloak camp, they wait until nightfall. Faile makes a crown of flowers for Perrin causing Bain to chuckle.[5] Perrin then leads Faile, Gaul, Bain and Chiad on the rescue mission. A huge Whitecloak guard jumps Perrin, but Faile saves him. They reach the tent with the prisoners and free Alsbet Luhhan, Haral Luhhan and Eldrin, Bodewhin and Natti Cauthon. As they leave the camp, they hear horns begin to blow and rush back to the thicket. Perrin sends Tam, Abell, Faile, the Aiel, Hu Marwin and Jaim Torfinn to hide the rescued people in a nearby abandoned farmhouse. Verin agrees to channel up a rainstorm. Then Perrin and the others ride south making lots of noise to decoy the Whitecloaks. He says the next thing to do is hunt Trollocs.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Verin knows that Luc was Tigraine's brother (TGH,Ch7) but it is not clear if she has yet made the connection between him and this man.
[#2] Is this something from Isam's past?
[#3] Luc recognizes Perrin from the wolf dream. (TSR,Ch28)
[#4] The timing for asking about Rand and talking about Alanna seems very strange. Does Verin know something in particular about Alanna or is this a ruse? She likely has figured out that Alanna might try to bond Perrin as a Warder. (LoC,Ch11)
[#5] Faile has been talking to the Maidens. In all probability they see it as a bridal wreath.

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