TSR: Misdirections

Rand POV#

Early the next morning, the Aiel break camp and head northwest. Rand rides Jeade'en and Mat rides Pips beside him, but the Aiel walk. Maidens scout ahead while Stone Dogs guard the rear. There are four hundred Jindo with Rhuarc and Heirn. There are more than a thousand Shaido in a nearby party. Couladin should have waited another day for Muradin no matter what Rand saw, but he broke camp anyway. Moiraine, Lan and Egwene ride with the Wise Ones in between the other two parties. Aviendha walks beside him and lectures how Elayne is the woman for him. He thinks she is wearing a dress to be more attractive to him.[1] He misses Min. She is the only woman who does not tie him in knots.

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Mat POV#

Mat wants to be out of the Aiel Waste and away from the Aiel and Rand. He is surprised when he sees Melaine riding Aldieb behind Moiraine. They are evidently having a talk. A Maiden named Dorindha rides up bringing message to Rhuarc. She grins at Mat, embarrassing him. She was one of the ones who tricking him into playing Maiden's Kiss at the Stone of Tear. Rhuarc announces that there is a band of peddlers heading directly toward them.

After two more miles Mat sees a dozen and a half wagons. The peddlers stop their wagons and wait for the Aiel to arrive. Rhuarc and Heirn look grim as they approach. Rand, Mat and Aviendha follow. Couladin comes alone from the Shaido. No one comes from the Wise Ones's party, but Mat can see Moiraine playing with the kesiera she wears.[2] The leader of the peddlers introduces himself as Hadnan Kadere and says that he is seeking Cold Rocks Hold. Rhuarc angrily tells him he is headed toward Rhuidean and Kadere looks abashed. Rhuarc says he can accompany them to Cold Rocks Hold. Couladin says he will also camp near Cold Rocks Hold. Kadere wants to trade. Rhuarc says they can trade when they all stop at Imre Stand for the night. Mat has been eyeing Kadere's wide brimmed hat and offers him a gold mark for one like it. A hugely fat woman with a lovely voice comes up from the second wagon. She takes Kadere's hat and gives it to Mat while introducing herself as Keille Shaogi. She says she seldom offers any man a bargain twice.[3] Mat pays for the hat and puts it on. Keille makes a snide remark about a pretty child and bares her teeth while looking at Aviendha.[4] Then she urges them all to start moving so they can make camp and trade. Mat sees a gleeman back in Keille's wagon.[5] Rand comments about Kadere's eyes. They never change. He is a dangerous man.[6] He tells Mat it has begun. They ride with evil now.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

Note the chapter icon. This is the first hint that Lanfear is around.

[#1] He realizes the real reason in the next chapter.
[#2] No doubt she is using it to eavesdrop. (TEotW,Ch53)
[#3] Meaning her first offer to Mat in the White Tower. (TDR,Ch20)
[#4] She is jealous of any woman near Rand.
[#5] Jasin Natael
[#6] From his conversation with Lanfear in TSR,Ch9, Rand is expecting Asmodean and her to show up but he mistakenly thinks they are Kadere and Isendre.

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