TSR: An Offer Refused

Rand POV#

It is a twelve day trip from Imre Stand to Cold Rocks Hold. Aviendha walks as Rand rides Jeade'en. She teaches him about denizens of the Aiel Waste such as the two-step and the gara. She continues to try to teach him about Aiel customs. Rand has a hard time with the idea that Rhuarc is clan chief but his wife, Lian, is roofmistress of Cold Rocks Hold.

Kadere and Isendre watch him from their wagons. This still angers Aviendha who continuously points out the merits of Elayne. Bair finally told him that Aviendha did not visit the glass columns so Rand is at a loss as to why she seems to hate him. Rand is glad Min is safe in the White Tower.[1] Egwene walks as often as she rides Mist. Moiraine spends her time with the Wise Ones or badgering Rand about his plans. Each evening he practices swords with Lan and spears with Rhuarc. Natael often questions him about being the Dragon Reborn and Rand replies fatalistically with no thought of glory.[2] Natael also spends a lot of time with the Shaido.[3]

The Wise Ones are teaching Aviendha to channel. Mat gambles with the peddlers and tries to make time with Isendre. Keille offers to sell Isendre to Mat, then tells him that few men have ever refused an offer from her once, much less twice.[4] Finally Rhuarc announces that they are at Cold Rocks Hold.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Of course, she is not. (TSR,Ch47)
[#2] This will finally goad Asmodean into taking action on his own. (TSR,Ch57)
[#3] No doubt priming Couladin to make his own claims. (TSR,Ch57)
[#4] Lanfear is still ticked off that Mat turned her down in the White Tower. (TDR,Ch20)

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