TSR: Doorways

Elayne POV#

Moiraine and Elayne enter the room where Egwene, Nynaeve and Aviendha are questioning Amico and Joiya. Moiraine is furious about Rand, but will not discuss it in front of the Black Ajah. She says she has made arrangements for them to be shipped to the White Tower in four days. Moiraine calls in the guards to escort them back to their cells. There are twenty men guarding them. Nynaeve is angry with Moiraine for interrupting their questioning. Moiraine then chides them for not deciding what they should do. Elayne is about to cry because she learned that Berelain was in Rand's rooms. She blurts it out to Egwene and Nynaeve. Moiraine looks peeved and says she would not have told Egwene. She still thinks Egwene loves Rand. Egwene hugs Elayne, then asks Moiraine if she has ever been in love. Moiraine tells them, "I could wager I know the face of the man I will marry better than either of you knows that of your future husband."[1] She then tells Nynaeve it will definitely not be Lan.

Changing the subject, Elayne tells them that Careen summoned them to Rand and Moiraine relates what happened. Elayne just got a glimpse of the mess through the door. Moiraine tells them she is angry with Rand because he refuses to act. She wants him to move against Illian and Sammael. The girls are aghast, but Elayne is the first to realize that war is inevitable. Moiraine says that Rand spends all his time reading the Prophecies of the Dragon. There is one passage that she thinks should point him to Illian:

"Power of the Shadow made human flesh,
wakened to turmoil, strife, and ruin.
The Reborn One, marked and bleeding,
dances the sword in dreams and mist,
chains the Shadowsworn to his will,
from the city, lost and forsaken,
leads the spears to war once more,
breaks the spears and makes them see,
truth long hidden in the ancient dream."

She tells them she is considering using a ter'angreal in the Great Holding, a cache of One Power related items the Tairens collected. It is a twisted red doorway. Through the doorway one can gain true answers to three questions. Elayne is ready to step through and ask whether Amico or Joiya is telling the truth and to ask where Liandrin went. Moiraine tells them that questions regarding the Shadow can lead to madness or death. One can only use it once and one must ask all three questions. Nynaeve asks how she knows all this and Moiraine replies that the twisted red doorway used to be owned by Mayene. They allowed Aes Sedai to study it. Three hundred years ago the First of Mayene, Halvar, gave it to the High Lords in return for accepting a raise in the price of oil.

Moiraine suggests they go to Tanchico.[3] She says Mazrim Taim is more than they could handle and she already sent three messages to Siuan about that problem.[4] Moiraine goes off to bed. Elayne recalls Min's jokes about sharing Rand. Egwene suggests the two of them going to Rand to tell him how they feel. Elayne worries about what her mother will say about Rand and her. Egwene points out what Mat told them about Morgase and Gaebril, but Elayne does not believe it. The three of them console each other.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Is this just a snide comment or is it some knowledge from Min's viewing?
[#2] From Rhuidean he will lead the Aiel to war and reveal their true past.
[#3] She really thinks it is less likely to be true and wants them out of the way and safe. (TSR,Ch21)
[#4] Her messages are intercepted. Siuan never receives them. (TSR,Ch17, TSR,Ch47)

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