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Cadsuane POV#

It is morning. Cadsuane is in the manor house of Lord Algarin of House Pendaloan in Tear a day west of the Spine of the World. Her hair ornaments include moons, stars, birds and fish. Verin arrives and reports that the Sea Folk[1] have been delivered to Tear.[2] High Lord Astoril joined Darlin in the Stone of Tear. There are as many Sea Folk in the city as Tairens. Harine immediately hired a boat to take her to the ships, expecting to be elected Mistress of the Ships. Nesta din Reas Two Moons really is dead.

Min enters, saying that that was not what her viewing said. Min came to summon Cadsuane to Rand. Min let slip to Cadsuane that she is bonded to Rand. After Min leaves, Verin continues her report. She thinks Hearne and Simaan may give in and join Darlin when the other High Lords return from Illian.[3] Estanda may be convinced to cooperate as well. She saw Alanna and Rafela there, but avoided them per Cadsuane's instructions.

Cadsuane leaves to go see Rand. Verin starts to follow, but Nesune comes up and insists on discussing Verin's report on animals of the Drowned Lands. Cadsuane is still amazed that they get along as Verin sides with the rebels while Nesune is loyal to Elaida. She wonders if it is Rand's ta'veren effect.[4] None of her ornaments protect against ta'veren. She does not know what two of the fish and one of the moons does. On her way she passes Beldeine and Merise. Beldeine has worn the shawl less than five years and does not yet look ageless. Beldeine has no Warder yet and is considering an Asha'man.[5] Merise suggests that she talk to Daigian. She is still recovering from the loss of Eben. Damer offered to try to Heal her but she refuses. Merise is surprised that Corele would allow it.

All the Warder, Tomas, Damer, Nethan and Bassane, are in the courtyard below watching Jahar and Lan practice swords. Lan wins every time. One of Cadsuane's ornaments, an eight-pointed star, vibrates when she is near a man who can channel. Since Merise and Corele practice linking with Jahar and Damer, Cadsuane asks Merise if the taint is truly gone. Merise says that saidin feels cleaner than it did before, but saidin is such chaos to her that she cannot be sure if the taint is totally gone. She did not expect a definitive answer to one of the two most important questions in the world.[6] Nynaeve also watches the practice. Cadsuane wonders who Lan is bonded to.[7] Nynaeve still wears the bracelet and rings angreal, much stronger than Cadsuane's shrike, and the jewelry set ter'angreal. Cadsuane earned her ornaments from an old woman named Norla in the Black Hills shortly after she became Aes Sedai.[8] Merise notes that Jahar is still growing stronger in the One Power. Rand promoted Jahar to full Asha'man, giving him a dragon pin. Merise took it away, as Warder are not supposed to accept anything from anybody except their Aes Sedai. Cadsuane worries that the rules for Warder and Aes Sedai are falling apart because of bonding men who can channel.

Cadsuane goes to Rand's rooms where Alivia and Elza guard the door. There is some connection between Rand, Min and Alivia that she does not understand.[9] There are five other sisters in the manor house who have sworn fealty to Rand.[10] The ones from Elaida are all possessive of Rand. Elza opens the door and Lord Algarin leaves. Rand is still weak from Shadar Logoth, but he seems harder than ever. Algarin's younger brother Emarin could channel. Cadsuane took him to the White Tower and helped him survive ten years after he was gentled. Now Algarin wants to be tested. Rand wants to talk about the Seanchan Ever Victorious army. They have never lost a war. When they lose a battle, they regroup, figure out what went wrong, and adapt. Cadsuane notes that the five great captains, Gareth Bryne, Agelmar Jagad, Rodel Ituralde, Davram Bashere and Pedron Niall do that as well.

Rand is interrupted when Erian and Sarene barge in past an outraged Elza. They report that Rashan, Bartol and Vitalien are nearby. They must have Traveled. Elza acknowledges that her Warder Fearil is also close. Rand says he did not expect it so soon. Cadsuane wonders who is bringing the Warder from Cairhien.[11] She thinks she may have gotten another answer from Rand.[12]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] That would be Harine, Moad and Shalon.
[#2] Zaida tells Elayne she is headed to Illian. (CoT,Ch12) The Salidar Aes Sedai report large numbers of Sea Folk in both Illian and Tear. (CoT,Ch18) The election for Mistress of the Ships winds up in Illian to Zaida's benefit and Harine's detriment. (KoD,Ch22)
[#3] Rand left several High Lords in Illian when he returned to Cairhien. (KoD,Ch21)
[#4] Or perhaps an effect of Verin's compulsion.
[#5] According to Min's viewing she will (TPoD,Ch29) and we learn who in KoD,Ch27.
[#6] What is the other important question?
[#7] They keep the fact that he is bonded to Myrelle a close secret.
[#8] She was also mentioned in WH,Ch34. It seems likely that this is also associated with the last task Cadsuane failed to accomplish, two hundred seventy years ago. (ACoS,Ch19)
[#9] She does not know about Min's viewing that Alivia will help Rand die. (WH,Ch25)
[#10] They are Beldeine, Erian, Nesune, Sarene and Verin.
[#11] Logain and Davram Bashere (CoT,Ch24)
[#12] Rand was expecting someone to figure out that the missing Aes Sedai from Cairhien might be with him and that they could use their Warder to find him. (CoT,Ch24) What does Cadsuane think that she learned?

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