CoT: A Chat with Siuan

Egwene POV#

Egwene heads for her study. Since she had some of the Two Rivers girls punished she has developed a reputation as tough as Sereille Bagand. She sends off Halima so she can talk with Siuan in private. Halima is angry and Egwene's headache starts immediately.[1] Egwene enjoys talking over problems with Halima.[2]

Egwene tells Siuan about the Sitters' interest in negotiations with Elaida. Siuan is angry, but she notes that six Sitters from five Ajahs left the tower "and here we have one from each of those five."[3] Siuan scouted the White Tower in Tel'aran'rhiod last night and partially saw a list of Sitters including the replacements for some of those who left. They include Andaya Forae - Gray, Rina Hafden - Green, Juilaine Madome - Brown. They have all worn the shawl seventy years or less. Siuan says this makes "maybe twelve, but eleven for sure between us and the Tower."[4] There are also Ferane Neheran - White and Suana Dragand - Yellow. Both were Sitters at an earlier time.[5] Egwene orders Siuan to find out what she can about the puzzle.

They go over eyes-and-ears reports that other Ajahs are willing to pass on. They also have Leane's report from her eyes-and-ears in Tar Valon itself. The city is becoming dirty and dangerous as patrols only pay attention to the harbors. There is little news from lands controlled by the Seanchan. People seem to be accepting them as the new rulers. There are confusing rumors about King Alsalam and Rodel Ituralde in Arad Doman.[6] The Green Ajah is particularly concerned about the Borderlanders near New Braem. Siuan's agent in New Braem reported that they have Aes Sedai with them. Egwene hopes she can introduce her plan for the Kin before the Hall finds out about the bargain with the Sea Folk. The Hall thinks that Vandene and Merilille have Elayne under control. Egwene plans for the Kin to be directly associated with the White Tower. Aes Sedai can forswear the Oath Rod and retire into the Kin. She thinks they will agree when they learn that the Oath Rod cuts their life span in half. Reanne Corly can prove when she was in the White Tower and so can others. There are reports of large numbers of wilders among the Sea Folk in Illian and Tear.[7] Lord Gregorin in Illian is threatened by the Seanchan and High Lord Darlin Sisnera is besieged by nobles who want Rand out of Tear. Merana Ambrey was spotted at the Stone of Tear negotiating with Tedosian and Estanda. Egwene worries that that is proof that Aes Sedai now work for Rand and she fears there may be Compulsion involved. She knows the weave for Compulsion from Moghedien. Siuan's agents are keeping close tabs on Cadsuane in Cairhien. Siuan suspects she is a Darkfriend.[8]

Anaiya enters with word that Akarrin and the others have returned. Moria has called the Hall to meet. Morvrin and Myrelle enter saying that Escaralde and Malind have also called for a meeting.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Near proof that Aran'gar is causing as well as curing the headaches - and proof that Aran'gar survived the battle at Shadar Logoth without ill effects.
[#2] Has she let slip crucial information on her plans?
[#3] The wording in this phrase is muddy. "Here we have one from each of those five at the camp as Sitters" is contradictory as Takima and Janya are both Brown and were clearly Sitters before the schism. It must mean "here we have one from each of those five as the group who want to negotiate." This conclusively pegs Saroiya as a Sitter from the White Tower.
[#4] The correction in TPoD,Ch16 to eight too young Sitters in Salidar brings everything in line.
[#5] Another unusual point although Siuan does not know it, they are both heads of their Ajahs.
[#6] The results of Graendal's ministrations. (TPoD,Ch12, CoT,Prologue)
[#7] Zaida tells Elayne she is headed to Illian. (CoT,Ch12) The Salidar Aes Sedai report large numbers of Sea Folk in both Illian and Tear. Verin delivers Harine and Shalon to Tear. (CoT,Ch23) It is not clear why the Sea Folk are gathering in both ports.
[#8] From her and Moiraine's encounter with Cadsuane in Canluum. (NS,Ch18)

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