CoT: The Forging of a Hammer

Perrin POV#

For days Perrin works his way south hunting for the Shaido. Grady and Neald make their gateways as quickly as possible, but it is still slow going. After days of fruitless searching, they backtrack and eventually find where the Shaido turned east, away from the Seanchan. Finally, Jondyn Barran and Elyas find the trail. They find ruined villages and estates in the path. They cross the Eldar River into Altara using a gateway because the Shaido destroyed the ferry they used. At the village of Brytan, survivors say the Shaido passed only two days ago. The buildings of the village are infested with vermin.[1] The remaining villagers are awed by the Red Eagle of Manetheren, the Silver Stars of Ghealdan and the Golden Hawk of Mayene. Perrin sends Elyas, Gaul, the Maidens and some Two Rivers trackers even farther. He expects them to locate the Shaido that day.[2]

In the wolf dream, Perrin smells a scent worse than Neverborn.[3] He knows it means death, but he still starts to follow. He suddenly wakes.

Unable to recall the scent, he calls out to wolves to identify it. He reaches Leafhunter and her pack: Tall Bear, White Tail, Feather, Thunder Mist and others. He asks about the scent and immediately all but Leafhunter break contact. She sends, "The Last Hunt is coming," then she leaves.[3]

Perrin adds another knot to the string he keeps. It is the twenty-second morning since Faile was kidnapped. He forces himself to remember the other women as well: Queen Alliandre Maritha Kigarin, Bain of the Black Rock Shaarad, Chiad of the Stones River Goshien, Arrela Shiego, Lacile Aldorwin and Maighdin Dorlain. Aram is waiting for Perrin to wake. Sebban Balwer and Selande Darengil have come with news.[4] He sends Aram to get Stepper. Selande reports three pieces of news. Two of her people, Haviar and Nerion, reported that Masema sent another rider back toward Amadicia. Also, Masema has new supplies and followers gathered in Altara. Masema now has over ten thousand followers with him. Lastly, Selande reports that Masuri and Rovair have been meeting with Masema. She sometimes brings along Annoura. Perrin wonders about women and their secrets. Elyas told Perrin what the Broken Crown means.[5] Selande leaves.

Aram arrives with the horses and they walk through the camps. Annoura stays with Berelain, but Masuri and Seonid stay with Edarra and the other Wise Ones. In the Two Rivers camp they pass Kenly Maerin, Jori Congar, Bandry Crawe and Dannil Lewin. Perrin gets a cold reception as the men still believe he was unfaithful to Faile. Lamgwin Dorn Basel Gill , Lini Eltring and Breane Taborwin are also there. Perrin and Balwer discuss whether Masema's riders are meeting with Whitecloaks or Seanchan. Perrin suggests inserting some of the Cha Faile folks in the Aiel camp and with Berelain. Balwer says Medore is a good choice for Berelain as her father is a High Lord. Balwer likes working for Perrin because he is straightforward.[6] Balwer goes to find Medore while Perrin and Aram ride out of camp.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Another example of the growing decay.
[#2] This much of the chapter is told in flashback. The chapter begins with the wolf dream.
[#3] The scent is the pack of Darkhound. (CoT,Ch6)
[#4] In Faile's absence, Balwer seems to now be running Cha Faile.
[#5] The Broken Crown is worn by the King or Queen of Saldaea. (CoT,Prologue) It was part of one of Min's viewings (TEotW,Ch15) and was also mentioned by Davram Bashere. (LoC,Ch46)
[#6] Balwer's previous "employer", Pedron Niall, was anything but straightforward in his dealings with Balwer and others.

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