TGH: A Message from the Dark

Rand POV#

Rand and Hurin meet Loial and Mat. Hurin says the men who stole the Horn met with Trollocs and entered a garden. Verin is talking with Barthanes.[1] Loial learned that the Ogier left Cairhien because Galldrian quit paying them.

They enter the garden and find the Waygate. Hurin says they went into it. Rand sends Mat to get Ingtar and Verin. Rand opens the Waygate and Machin Shin is waiting. It chants al'Thor.[2] Rand channels Fire at Machin Shin and Loial gets the Waygate closed. Hurin thinks the fire was from Machin Shin. Coming out of garden, Rand thinks he sees and hears someone else leaving.[3] As they enter the manor, they see Verin and Ingtar talking alone. He looks dazed. As they all prepare to leave, Barthanes draws Rand aside. He tells him Fain left a message. He is waiting for Rand on Toman Head. Barthanes quizzes Rand directly and seems shocked by it.[4] Verin refuses to believe that Fain used Machin Shin. She says ten Aes Sedai could not do it. Back at The Great Tree they rejoin Perrin. Mistress Tiedra charges a lot, but she keeps the inn very well. Ingtar says, "I am lost." Rand tells them about the message from Barthanes and says he is going to Toman Head. Verin agrees and says they will try Stedding Tsofu. It is only six hundred years old, but the Elders were still growing Ways then.[5] They send Hurin with a message for Uno and the other Shienarans to be ready to leave at first light.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Is she just making conversation or is this something sinister?
[#2] So apparently some of Fain's personality was impressed on it.
[#3] No clue as to who it might be.
[#4] Probably more of Rand's ta'veren effect.
[#5] An ongoing question - Verin always seems to know quite a lot. Is it common knowledge for Browns or does she have special sources?

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