ToM: For What Has Been Wrought

Min POV#

Min runs through the Dragonwall Gate on the east side of the Stone with a bunch of Aiel. Rand is there, wearing an old brown cloak over his fine black trousers.[1] The sunlight distorts around him and she has new viewings:

  • An open cavern, gaping like a mouth.
  • Bloodstained rocks.
  • Two dead men on the ground, surrounded by ranks and ranks of Trollocs.
  • A pipe with smoke curling from it.[2]

She tells him Alanna is gone and he says she is in the Borderlands, perhaps Arafel. He says the Shadow will always know where he is from now on. He turns and tells the Aiel he has toh. Rhuarc wonders if Rand is a meegerling, a rodent too stupid to avoid danger. He promises that he will not leave again of his own will and that he will meet his toh. King Darlin arrives. Narishma and Flinn are also there with Merise and Corele. He asks Kainea, a Maiden, to send for messengers.

Nynaeve and Merise lead the Aes Sedai who arrive. He asks them to send for Cadsuane. He sends Narishma to Far Madding to set up a meeting with the Borderlanders. He asks Darlin to assemble the High Lords and Ladies. He tells them he has been to the White Tower and Egwene has succeeded Elaida a'Roihan as Amyrlin. He tells Darlin to assemble his forces. He tells Nynaeve it will not be Tarwin's Gap but he promises to get help to Lan. Bashere is with his men running their horses. He will accompany Rand along with Nynaeve and Min back to Arad Doman. He asks Min to keep on working on understanding Callandor.

Cadsuane arrives and he pardons her. She is less than grateful. He tells her that she failed in manipulating him but showed him something important. He thought he was being forged into a sword, but he is not a weapon and never has been.[3] He then asks Cadsuane if she will try to locate someone, probably somewhere in the Caralain Grass.

Someone informed him that the White Tower is holding Mattin Stepaneos.[4] The High Lords and Ladies gather and Rand tells them to form a line. He walks the line looking each in the eye. Weiramon and Anaiyella cringe away from him. He sends them away to tell that he is no longer blind.[5] Rand sends Leeh and two other Maidens to follow them. Tam arrives and Rand is apprehensive, ashamed of his actions. Rand hugs his father and cries. After a time, he introduces Tam and Min.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The cloak he traded for at the Tinker camp. (TGS,Ch49)
[#2] The cavern is likely the entrance to the Pit of Doom. The pipe is Rand's (AMoL,Epilogue).
[#3] Finally answering the question of Min's viewing that Cadsuane will teach Rand and the Asha'man something important. (ACoS,Ch41) There is more on this in ToM,Ch51.
[#4] Was this the content of the note that Tiana passed to Rand? (ToM,Ch3) And if it was from Verin, why did she consider this important?
[#5] So now denizens of the Shadow, even Darkfriends, cannot even stand Rand's presence and he knows them for what they are. We see an even more profound example of this in ToM,Ch32.

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