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Gawyn POV#

Gawyn and Sleete walk through the White Tower to the apartment where Kateri Nepvue was murdered. She is the fourth victim in a few days all killed with knives. Chubain is also there. He feels threatened as his Tower Guard were defeated by Bryne and Gawyn is Morgase's son. Sleete finds a thread of black silk.[1] They think it might be a Gray Man. Chubain takes the thread to Seaine to examine. Hattori still wants Gawyn as a second Warder.

Gawyn goes to see Egwene but he is blocked by Silviana who makes him wait. Many of his Younglings, Jisao, Rajar, Durrent, are now Warder. He is finally admitted to see Egwene. They argue about his protecting her. He wants her to order more sisters to bond Warder for their protection. Egwene insists that the assassin is Mesaana.[1] They argue more and he leaves.

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Egwene POV#

Egwene is frustrated. She loves Gawyn but he will not respect her authority. She is writing a letter to the new king of Tear, Darlin Sisnera, asking his support to prevent Rand from breaking the seals. She notes that her tea tastes better than normal.[2]

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Graendal POV#

Graendal has moved to a hiding place on an island in the Aryth Ocean with only six of her pets, one a Tairen High Lady.[3] A gateway opens and a messenger summons her to Moridin's fortress. He is angry that Aran'gar is dead. She feigns confusion countering that she was following orders to cause Rand pain. The remorse Lews Therin must feel for destroying all of Natrin's Barrow. Moridin seems almost convinced. She vaguely remembers once having felt remorse, but other Forsaken such as Semirhage were corrupt from the start. He says he will leave her without punishment and she wonders if that was a direct order from the Great Lord or Shaidar Haran. He orders her to stay away from Rand. She offers to bring him Perrin. She knows where his army is and she has planned a trap with her Shadowspawn army. He takes her to a storeroom filled with One Power objects including three binders, a shocklance, a rema'kar[4] and a dreamspike. He has two.[5] He loans her the dreamspike and warns her against using it against him. He also loans her the man with two souls.[6] He tells her she will be greatly rewarded if she kills Perrin. He then shows her a book of Dark Prophecy that says that Perrin will die.[7] Moridin sends her back to her island; she can still touch the True Power a bit.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] A hint about the assassin. Gawyn and Egwene are both wrong. The assassins are the remaining Bloodknives from the Seanchan attack.
[#2] Residual effect of Rand's visit.
[#3] By her description she is probably Alteima.
[#4] No idea what a rema'kar is good for
[#5] We learn what a dreamspike does in ToM,Ch18 and we learn where Moridin has placed the second in ToM,Ch56.
[#6] Slayer
[#7] This quote is at the end of Towers of Midnight (ToM,Epilogue)

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