WH: Expectation

Elayne POV#

Elayne and Egwene are meeting in Tel'aran'rhiod in Emond's Field. Emond's Field is turning into a thriving mid-size town. Egwene seems stunned by the changes. There is a huge new inn called The Archers under construction. Elayne sees the banner of Manetheren and thinks that she will have to take action. She can still feel Rand and Birgitte far away, but has no sense of direction. Bodewhin told Egwene about all the changes at home, but nothing like this. Egwene will move her army to Tar Valon tomorrow.[1] Egwene offers to send Elayne some of Gareth Bryne's soldiers, but Elayne says no one will move against her before spring. Egwene then asks Elayne to tell her if she learns anything more about Rand's plans. Egwene says she does not want to heal the White Tower just so Rand can chain Aes Sedai like damane.[2] Elayne does not tell Egwene that she, Aviendha and Min bonded Rand. Egwene then disappears and Elayne wakes.

It is well after sunrise. Aviendha is next to her and Elayne pokes her awake. Aviendha is upset that it is so late. Monaelle may switch her for being lazy. Essande is waiting in the next room to dress Elayne. Min told Birgitte about her viewing, so Birgitte, Dyelin and Reene Harfor now have her on a suitable diet. Doilin Mellar enters and announces that Halwin Norry is waiting for her. Many in the palace think Doilin Mellar is the father.

The First Clerk enters and presents his usual information. The two most prominent bankers in Caemlyn, Master Hoffley and Mistress Andscale are willing to put up a large loan. There are inordinate numbers of rats in the sewers. It has been less than a week, but he is still disappointed that he has not learned who freed Elenia and Naean. The Borderlanders are staying put in Braem Wood. Elayne does not believe the rumors that Aes Sedai are swearing fealty to Rand.

Reene Harfor then replaces Halwin Norry. She found two more spies, Jon Skellit working for House Arawn and Ester Norham, for a total of nine. They agree to take Morgase's and Thom's old advice to leave them in place and feed them bad information.

Elayne then meets with Kandori and Illianer merchants assuring them that Caemlyn is under control. Nynaeve and Merilille are gone, so Elayne also has to teach the Windfinders tonight. Aviendha and Birgitte have to force Elayne to sleep and exercise. Another of her guards is Rasoria Domanche. The exercise is Dyelin's idea. Monaelle told Aviendha to make sure she gets fresh air.

From a balcony they see Reanne Corly open a gateway. Reanne is one of the few Kin strong enough. Merilille was sent to the Borderlanders seven days ago. Reanne opens a gateway every day to the place she started from. This time Merilille returns and hurries to meet with Elayne and Aviendha. Birgitte and Doilin Mellar join them. Merilille reports that all four Borderlands rulers are there in four camps a few miles apart. She found King Easar and the Shienarans her first day. Altogether there are over two hundred thousand. There are at least ten Aes Sedai[3] with them but they are hiding their presence. They sent riders to Caemlyn, but it will take them days more to arrive. Tenobia let slip that they know that Elayne is close to Rand and that she was at Falme.[4] Elayne says she will go to meet with the Borderlands rulers today.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Placing this scene the day before the last scene of TPoD,Ch30.
[#2] Does this mean the Aes Sedai swearing fealty to him or something else?
[#3] Unless some have left, there are actually thirteen. (TPoD,Prologue)
[#4] This was from Hurin. (TDR,Ch11)

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