ACoS: Patterns Within Patterns

Sevanna POV#

It is two days since the battle. Sevanna is a hundred miles east of Dumai's Wells with Tion, Modarra, Alarys, Meira, Rhiale, Someryn, and Belinde.[1] Less than twenty thousand Shaido spears are with them. Therava and the other Wise Ones tied to Sevanna are still missing. They use the call box. When Someryn channels Fire into it, it draws Earth, Air and Spirit, saidar and saidin. Caddar (Sammael) answers and asks if they have Rand. Sevanna realizes this is a test and admits that they do not. They first met in Kinslayer's Dagger. Meira brings up Desaine and is criticized by the others. Caddar uses a "wayline" to the call box to gate there with Maisia (Graendal). He is in a very tall disguise and both have dark skin and hair. Someryn tells Sevanna that Maisia is a very strong channeler. Sevanna knows Caddar, but not Maisia. Caddar chides Sevanna for using seven Wise Ones instead of one on the call box.[1] He promised her a thing that will control Rand when he is taken, but will not overcome him.[2] She asks if he has the same for Aes Sedai and he says yes. She asks if he can provide his mode of transportation. Caddar looks pleased and says he can provide traveling boxes.[3] Caddar and Maisia leave.

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The Watcher[4] POV#

He has been watching all this. There are only two other call boxes left so that makes them easy to follow. He thinks of the Wise Ones as "so-called Aiel." Sammael drops his Mirror of Mists,[5] but Graendal holds hers. They were linked, but now let it go. Using the True Power, The Watcher sees black flecks.[6] The price for using the True Power, which comes straight from the Great Lord, is high but he has always been willing to pay it. Sammael trips on a vine; he is out of place away from a city. Sammael is pleased that Sevanna asked about Traveling. Graendal mentions the truce with Rand.[7] The Watcher did not know; he thinks it must be false. Sammael says he did not kidnap Rand. Mesaana had a hand in it, maybe Demandred and Semirhage despite how it ended. Graendal spurns Sammael; the only men she does not flirt with are Chosen above her. She cannot stand being the lesser of a pair. Graendal says she will not risk teaching Wise Ones Compulsion unless Sammael has found a binder.[8] She asks where was he earlier when he was supposed to meet her. The Watcher is covered in fancloth[9] except for his eyes so he cannot be seen. Sammael opens a gateway and says small increases in chaos are also important. Graendal hates the name Maisia.[10] Sammael claims the promise of being named Nae'blis and Graendal apparently believes him. Sammael leaves. Graendal opens her own gateway, reconsiders, lets it close and follows Sammael. The Watcher feels the prickling of saidar end and smiles crookedly. He decides not to kill the eight women[1] at the clearing, then rips a hole with the True Power and steps outside the Pattern.
(You Darkfriend!)

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] In early printings there was a disconnect on the number of Shaido women present. By name there are clearly eight, but later Caddar refers to Sevanna and the six Wise Ones and The Watcher contemplates killing the seven women in the clearing. In more recent printings Caddar refers to seven Wise Ones with Sevanna, and The Watcher thinks about eight women.
[#2] The sad bracelets or the binder or something else?
[#3] These are the bogus nar'baha. (ACoS,Ch40)
[#4] While not absolutely certain, it is widely accepted that this is the first appearance of Moridin.
[#5] Early printings call this weave Mask of Mirrors but it is being corrected to Mirror of Mists.
[#6] These are saa and are a symptom of True Power use. (ACoS,Ch25)
[#7] This is the truce offered in LoC,Ch16 which Rand refused.
[#8] Known in the current Age as the Oath Rod.
[#9] Fancloth is the same material as in Warder' cloaks. (Guide)
[#10] Maisia evidently has an unpleasant connotation for Graendal, but there is no indication from the Compleat Old Tongue 2.0 as to what it might mean. Robert Jordan purportedly said at signings that, in the Age of Legends, Maisia was a common name for pets.

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