TSR: Veils

Egeanin POV#

Egeanin is in the Calpene following Floran Gelb. He has hired a bunch of thugs. Behind her, she notes a commotion around a man with a broken arm. She sees Gelb and his thugs head for two women, one of whom looks something like Surine, one of the missing sul'dam. The woman is clearly not Surine, so Egeanin heads for the women to stop Gelb.

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Elayne POV#

Elayne and Nynaeve are walking the streets of Tanchico. The Wavedancer already left for Dantora and Cantorin to spread the word of the Coramoor. Elayne and Nynaeve talk about last night; Elayne met with Amys and Egwene in Tel'aran'rhiod. Aviendha is looking after Rand. Amys lectured her like Lini used to do. Egwene thought Perrin was with them, so none of them knows where he and Faile went.

A bunch of thugs attack them. Elayne thinks they are after her. Another woman comes to their aid and fights well. One man tries to stab the woman from behind so Elayne has no choice but to channel to stop him. The woman evidently noticed what she did and is shaken. They introduce themselves and she introduces herself as Egeanin. They head back to the Three Plum Court. Juilin is there. He says he found the house where the Black Ajah was staying, but it is now empty. They send him out of the room and order tea from Rendra. Egeanin asks questions about Aes Sedai and clearly does not expect the answers she gets. She is astounded when they tell her that channeling can be learned.

Thom enters and tells them Whitecloaks have surrounded the Panarch's Palace and that Amathera is to be invested as Panarch tomorrow. They send Thom away, too, but before he leaves he tells them Bayle Domon has agreed to provide fifty men as guards. They are outside. Egeanin says she must leave, but says she would like to come back to talk some more.

After she is gone, Elayne notes that she seemed to recognize Domon's name but said nothing. Rendra enters bringing another woman.[1] Suddenly Elayne can think of nothing but pleasing the woman. The woman notes that Nynaeve is blocked and Nynaeve apologizes saying she is afraid of the One Power. Elayne tells her there are no other Aes Sedai with them and Nynaeve tells her they are hunting the Black Ajah. The woman knows there are eleven of them.[2] They tell her everything they know about the eleven sisters. She asks if they have any ter'angreal in their room. Elayne says no, because she is wearing the twisted ring on a cord around her neck and the amber plaque and iron disc are in pockets in their dresses.[3] The woman is pleased that she now knows Rand al'Thor's name and that Be'lal is dead. She thinks the other sounds like Ishamael.[2] She seems to know what the something is that can control a man who can channel.[4] She says she will have to see to their retraining later. She tells Nynaeve she would love to see Rahvin's face when he meets her unblocked.[5] She orders them to forget she was there. Elayne's memory is a bit fuzzy and she takes up the conversation where they left off.

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Egeanin POV#

Outside the Three Plum Court, Egeanin hopes none of the men hanging around were on Domon's ship. She is amazed at what she has learned already about Aes Sedai and channeling and wants to come back to learn more.

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Seeker POV#

The Seeker, disguised in Tanchico garb, is irritated that he forgot himself and drew attention by breaking the man's arm. He has followed Egeanin to the Three Plum Court. He plans to ask questions to find out what she was doing there.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Moghedien
[#2] Moghedien really seems to be out of touch with recent events. The fact that she knows there are eleven Black Ajah in Tanchico is the first hint of her masquerading as Gyldin. (TSR,Ch38, TFoH,Ch18)
[#3] Early printings omit the thought on the iron disc and amber plaque. This has been corrected in recent editions.
[#4] Moghedien knew of the sad bracelets from her researches but apparently did not know where they were. (TSR,Ch54)
[#5] Moghedien is evidently not very fond of Rahvin.

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