According to the glossaries:

The Toman Calendar (devised by Toma dur Ahmid) was adopted approximately two centuries after the death of the last male Aes Sedai and recorded years After the Breaking of the World (AB). Many records were destroyed in the Trolloc Wars, so much so that with the end of the Wars there was argument about the exact year under the old system. A new calendar was proposed by Tiam of Gazar, celebrating the supposed freedom from the Trolloc threat and recording each year as a Free Year (FY). The Gazaran calendar gained wide acceptance within twenty years after the Wars' end. Artur Artur Paendrag Tanreall attempted to establish a new calendar based on the founding of his empire (FF, From the Founding) but this is now known and referred to only by historians. After the widespread destruction, death and disruption of the War of the Hundred Years, a fourth calendar was devised by Uren din Jubai Soaring Gull, a scholar of the Sea Folk, and promulgated by the Panarch Farede of Tarabon. The Farede Calendar, dating from the arbitrarily decided end of the War of the Hundred Years and recording years of the New Era (NE), is currently in use.

There are 10 days to the week[1], 28 days to the month and 13 months to the year. Several feast days are not part of any month; these include Sunday (the longest day of the year), the Feast of Thanksgiving (once every four years at the spring equinox), and the Feast of All Souls Salvation, also called All Souls Day (once every ten years at the autumn equinox).

Months are seldom named, much less days numbered, except in official documents and treaties. For common use, so many days before this feastday or after that suffices.

There are details of the calendar, months of the year and major holidays in the Guide.


Bel Tine and Winternight#

Day of Reflection#

Day of Repentance#

Feast of Abram#

Feast of All Souls Salvation#

Feast of Embers#

Feast of the Half Moon#

Feast of Lights#

Feast of Sefan or Teven#

Feast of Thanksgiving#

Festival of Birds#



High Chasaline#

Maddin's Day#


Swovan Night#


[#1]Although the Lord of Chaos glossary states that there are ten days per week, there are statements in earlier books that clearly indicate a seven day week. There is no definitive delineation, but the change probably happened between The Fires of Heaven and Lord of Chaos.