LoC: The Feast of Lights

Perrin POV#

It is the first day of the Feast of Lights, the shortest and last day of the year and six days since Rand disappeared. Min is gone, too. Perrin is returning from the School of Cairhien to the Sun Palace. He feels Rand's need for him stronger every day. Nandera told Perrin he should have been back in a few hours. Sorilea and the Wise Ones will not tell him anything. Herid Fel is back at the school, but Perrin cannot get any information from him. The Aes Sedai left for Tar Valon three days ago. Back at the Sun Palace, Faile and Loial are still playing stones. They are both very good and evenly matched. Sulin who is taking care of the linens smells worried and afraid.

Dobraine arrives and his smell is wary. He reports that Maringil was poisoned and Meilan was killed by a footpad. At the time of the murders, Colavaere was making an alliance with Houses Daganred, Chuliandred, Annallin, Osiellin and others[1] to support her for the Sun Throne.

Berelain enters with Rand's sword and belt. They all realize that Rand has been kidnapped. Sulin finally decides that her toh is done. She yells at Luaine to bring Nandera and Rhuarc. Berelain says she searched Rand's rooms because she was worried.[2] She thought it was strange that the Aes Sedai stopped coming. She herself had ten Aes Sedai visits suggesting that she leave after Rand was gone. Dobraine again raises the fact that Colavaere is making a play for the Sun Throne. Berelain then says that she has proof that Colavaere was responsible for Maringil's and Meilan's deaths. She brought two thief-catchers[3] with her from Mayene. Perrin thinks Dannil and the Two Rivers men are only half way to Cairhien, but he plans to go after Rand anyway. Loial says he will go, too. Dobraine says he will bring five hundred of his men. Sorilea, Rhuarc, Amys and Nandera enter. Nandera hands Sulin her cadin'sor and tells her a month and a half was too long for her toh.[4] Rhuarc reports that the Shaido are moving south out of Kinslayer's Dagger. Perrin asks Rhuarc to lead his Aiel after the Aes Sedai. Rhuarc reluctantly admits that only the siswai'aman and Maidens will fight Aes Sedai. Sorilea then says the Wise Ones will fight. Perrin is surprised to see that she can channel.

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Galina Casban POV#

Galina finishes questioning Min. She knew of her both times in White Tower, first with Egwene, Nynaeve and Elayne, then later when she was "Elmindreda." She wonders what Min knows and why she is important.[5] She thinks she might be able to use Min against Elaida, and also to get an upper hand on Alviarin. Galina leaves. A Warder named Carilo guards the tent. Gawyn and the Younglings are with them. There are thirty-three Aes Sedai in the camp, nine Green, thirteen Red and the rest White.[6] Last night the Warder let Min take a walk. Rand saw her, went berserk and killed two of Erian's Warder. Erian wants to take part in punishing Rand again and Galina agrees to let her. Galina would gentle Rand on the spot, but she has other orders.

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Rand POV#

Rand is in the box. He has his shirt, but no jacket.[7] The box opens and Erian begins beating him again. Lews Therin moans about killing Ilyena. The beating stops and Rand sees that several Wise Ones are there, Sevanna among them. She traces her finger around his throat and Rand assumes she means to behead him.[8] They close him in the box again. He talks to Lews Therin and Lews Therin actually carries on a conversation with him.[9] Lews Therin tells Rand that he cannot break through the shield while it is actually being held, but he can undo the knots if they are tied off. Rand hears himself laughing as he feels the inside of the shield.

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Galina Casban POV#

Galina plans to have the Shaido kill Gawyn and the Younglings in a few days. Erian thinks Rand is crying. Galina offers her tea, but she says she must console her remaining Warder, Rashan and Bartol. They are still a good two weeks from Tar Valon. She plans to beat Rand every morning and evening so he will be completely docile by the time they turn him over to Elaida.

Sevanna POV#

Sevanna confirms with her Wise Ones that they can duplicate the Aes Sedai's weaves that hold Rand. Therava assures that they can. Sevanna has the call box from the strange wetlander[10] but she decides not to use it. She will be the wife of the Car'a'carn and she thinks of the collar that she will put on him. She then has her Wise Ones murder Desaine with the One Power.[11]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Another House aligned with Saighan is Dhulaine. (PotD)
[#2] Is this the whole story? Why search his rooms?
[#3] They are Gendar and Santes. (WH,Ch5)
[#4] This places the timing of this chapter a month and a half or almost four and a half weeks (forty-two days) after LoC,Ch21.
[#5] So Galina does not know about Min's ability.
[#6] They must be in addition to the six in Galina's group, making a total of thirty-nine, which then agrees with ACoS,Ch32.
[#7] The little fat man angreal was in the coat pocket.
[#8] Actually she means to collar him.
[#9] This is also about the time when Rand begins seeing flashes of color at the periphery of his vision. (ACoS,Ch7)
[#10] Sammael
[#11] Desaine balked at Sevanna's plans. They use the One Power so her death can be blamed on the Aes Sedai.

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