TGS: Before the Stone of Tear

Rand POV#

Rand rides Tai'daishar along the streets of Bandar Eban with Min preparing to leave Bandar Eban for Tear. Flinn and Naeff lead the way. Lews Therin cries that he cannot continue the list because they do not know the names of the women killed when he balefired Graendal. Rand thinks he has failed in Arad Doman. In other nations he brought stability but Arad Doman will be trampled by the Seanchan and the Last Battle. He could not locate enough members of the Council of Merchants to elect a new king. Bashere reports that Milisair Chadmar and the other four[1] were returned to their palaces. Bashere reports that Ituralde has had skirmishes with Shadowspawn. They are massing in the Blight so they are probably in Tarwin's Gap as well. Rand thinks that he must deal with the Borderlanders next. They reach the city square and at Rand's signal Flinn and Naeff open gateways.

As Rand starts through a gateway, one of the dockmasters, Iralin, runs up. He reports that all the food has spoiled. All of it.[2] Bandar Eban will starve. Rand can do nothing more so he rides through the gateway to Feaster's Run, a main city square in Tear where the people cheer him. The Aes Sedai,[3] Aiel and Saldaeans follow through the gateway. Cadsuane and Nynaeve were not in the manor when Rand announced his departure but he is sure they will follow. Rand will hide no more. He does not have time, with Lan and the Malkier riding to Tarwin's Gap.

Rand brings up the Borderlanders. Bashere has no idea why Tenobia and the others would leave the Blight undefended. They arrive at the Stone of Tear where King Darlin and Dobraine lead the welcoming delegation. Weiramon is also there. Lews Therin thinks that he likes Weiramon because he is loyal and honest.[4] Lady Caraline is with Darlin. She reminds Rand too much of Moiraine so Lews Therin begins chanting the list. All the other High Lords and Ladies are there, Anaiyella, Torean, Simaan, Estanda, Tedosian, Hearne. Alanna is there as well. Darlin reports that the army is ready for Arad Doman. Rand replies that they can no longer help Arad Doman. They will march to Shayol Ghul.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Including Alamindra Cutren
[#2] Rand's darkness continues to have a destructive impact on the land and its produce. The negative aspect of the Fisher King effect.
[#3] They include Beldeine, Corele, Erian, Merise, Nesune and Sarene.
[#4] It is still not clear if Weiramon's words and actions are simple stupidity or subterfuge. We learn more about him in ToM,Ch13.

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