WH: A Portion of Wisdom

Rand POV#

It is more than a week since WH,Ch25. Rand is in The Golden Wheel just off the Avharin Market looking for information. The innkeeper is Mistress Gallger. Rand still has no leads on Kisman,[1] Gedwyn and Torval. He overhears foreign merchants conversing with local traders. One trader tells Master Admira, a Tairen, that there will not be fighting in Andor. Far Madding is still the safest route for his goods. Another trader tells Master Azereos, an Illianer, that Murandy is too unsettled with Roedran building an army for him to move his trade to Lugard. Master Posavina, a Kandori, is considering moving his trade from Illian to Tear, taking the River Road down the Erinin River. Mistress Shimel tells him that the Stone of Tear is under siege.[2] This is news to Rand, but it does not concern him.

Rand felt Alanna leap to the north, then, a day later, to the southeast. She is either in Tear or Haddon Mirk with Merana, Rafela and the two others.[3] Min, Nynaeve and Alivia are riding in the nearby hills. They think Kisman fled. Lews Therin wants to leave. He hates being cut off from the True Source. Rand leaves and walks by other inns, The Heart of the Plain and The Three Ladies of Maredo.

Verin meets Rand in the street. She tells him that Cadsuane is riding with the girls. She also tells him that the Seanchan are moving into Illian again. Rand tells Verin that he plans to leave tomorrow and asks to her to take a request to Cadsuane asking her to be his advisor. Verin says she is sure that Cadsuane will agree and tells him to come to the palace that evening.

Rand goes back to The Counsel's Head. Lan comes in about the same time. Rand tells Lan that he has decided to leave and that he knows the girls are with Cadsuane. Lan tells him that they are trying to bring her closer to Rand. Nynaeve, Min and Alivia enter. Nynaeve still wears the bracelet and rings and the Jewelry Set. Rand tells them that he has asked Cadsuane to be his advisor and that he plans to leave tomorrow. Alivia thinks Cadsuane is remarkable, a strict teacher. Min thinks she is like a strict aunt. Nynaeve she and Cadsuane will work out their differences. Nynaeve is excited. Cadsuane showed her that the ring with green stone detects the use of saidar and saidin within three miles. The jeweled belt is a Well that can store saidar. She demonstrates its use, brushing Rand's face with Air.[4] She thinks Cadsuane's hair ornaments might be similar ter'angreal.[5]

Mistress Keene comes up with a message for Rand and gives it to Min. Rand manages to get the note from Min before she can burn it. The note says that Kisman is dead. Torval and Gedwyn have taken rooms above the shop of Zeram the bootmaker on Blue Carp Street.[6]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Kisman, of course, is dead.
[#2] The Tairen nobles who fled to Haddon Mirk are now in open rebellion. (CoT,Ch12)
[#3] Bera and Faeldrin (WH,Ch25)
[#4] Either this is a slip, or such a weak use of saidar is too weak to set off the guardian.
[#5] And she is right. (WH,Ch34, WH,Ch35)
[#6] The note is clearly from Fain.

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